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What’s Hot In Men’s Fashion? Suits

With winter here, men’s fashion in suits has changed again, as it does every season. While the average sharp dressed man is ready to tackle the new season with gusto, it can be hard to tell what to wear to professional and formal events when the weather is grey and the previous year has been as frantic and bizarre as it has been. Fortunately, men’s fashion has been largely untouched by whatever strangeness has infected most of the trends of 2016 and while it may seem a bit unusual, the world of fine men’s suits is as stoic as ever, much like the men who wear them.

Daniel Craig in a grey suit with white undershirt, black tie and white pocket square.

Seasonal Style

As of this season, grey suits are definitely in the in thing. Perhaps reflecting a certain malaise of winter, yet embracing it with a calm focus and crystalline precision, the old stand by a grey suit has returned in a big way. Though it was once seen as too generic to be terribly bold, in the winter season of 2016 to 2017, it is now a firm statement of placid determination in the face of an otherwise frantic modern world. Something of a throwback to an earlier era of men’s suits, the old grey suit made out of a touchable material is currently the coolest way to carry on through the cold season.

Custom Mens Light Grey Suit with gray vest, pocket square, blush pink undershirt, and plum colored tie.

By way of patterns

The cool styles of this winter are either a solid grey colored suit or a very subtle plaid suit. And when we say subtle, we do mean subtle; at a distance, it should seem like a solid colored grey suit. The subtle patterns are the preference of Gucci’s hottest suit designer, Alessandro Michele, particularly the Prince of Wales check suit from Gucci, which has become the must have suit of 2016’s cold season. The silhouette of the suit is of course important and the best of the lot lean towards a faintly hourglass seeming figure, but not too terribly emphasized.

By way of accessories for a suit

The power suits of winter 2016 to 2017 are the usual array of pocket squares, vests and ties. However, this season, the best colors and patterns are neutral colors and subtle patterns, an understated, mellow look for the cold season. Neutral colors such as navy blues, pale browns, shades of grey, pale violets and firm reds for a small splash of color seem to be what’s currently in style right now for all the extras in a suit, be it the vest or the tie. White shirts remain as strong a stand by as they ever were, though window pane patterns have also become popular as of late.

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By way of patterns

Subtle patterns again carry the day and the best patterns of the current season are indistinguishable from a solid color at a distance. While the subject of how to stay warm while staying in style is the subject of another article, the basic suit to be worn in doors is definitely a reflection of the season itself.

Individual in a Suit